Beeders Tokenization Tool
Transform Your Real World Assets into Digital Tokens
Mint digital tokens representing your Real World Assets (RWA) for market distribution and capital raising, leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts for secure and transparent operations.
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    • NameSymbol
    • Total Supply
    • Token Owner
    • Token Verification
    • Token Code for Verification
    • Token Constructor Arguments ABI-encoded
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    Primary Sales
    Initial Investors
    Secondary Market Liquidity
    Increased Market Value
    Market Trading
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  • AMM/Swap Exchange Liquidity
    The higher the liquidity present on Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchanges, the more likely it is for your token to be listed.
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    Select the desired Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain network where the token will be deployed
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    Blockchain Token Contract Details

    Fill the information about the Token Contract
    Create a new ERC-20 token smart contract based on the information below
    I already have an ERC-20 Token address that I want to associate with and supply primary distribution
    Existing Token Address
    Allow the Token Factory Protocol to use this token
    Token Standard Information
    Token Owner Address
    Token Name
    Token Symbol
    Decimal Places
    Consider using 18 to take advantage of maximum token granularity on the blockchain
    Supply Amount
    Primary Distribution Information
    Distribution Amount
    Start Date
    End Date
    Percentage for Liquidity
    USD Coins used to receive payments
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